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About Me
My name is Royce A. Dunbar.  I write scores for Independent Film and the Stage.  I've been a musician since I can remember.  Music, in particular my singing ability got me into my first career.  I was an Actor in Minneapolis and New York for ten years.  I use my acting experience in Theatre and Film to inform my choices for music cues and to create appropriate, memorable and thematic melodies that match the subject and mood of the Film or Play.

I know how to work as a part of a team and understand that it's the Director's Film or Stage Production.  I try to bring a combination of confidence and humility to my work.

My second career was and is as a Computer Professional.  I've been working with personal computers, networking and client server applications for the last 20+ years.  This background serves me with the technical aspect of composition and enables me to tweak MIDI data and use the other technical elements to get a final product that is as close to the real thing as possible.

I've had multiple commissions with one of the most prestigious Amateur Theatre companies in the Nation - The Des Moines Playhouse.  I wrote the music for numerous productions on both the Mainstage and Children's Theatres.

So, here I am on the brink of my third career.  I'm admittedly a newcomer.  But, I believe I offer something special to the Independent Filmmaker or Playhouse on a budget. 

Please give my work a look and a listen.  If you'd like to contact me, you can reach me at:

(515) 778-7928



About MeMy ToolboxMy MusicMy VideosBlog